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23 Dec 2021
Posted by
Avril Castañeda

A modern palace in Paris, Hotel Lutetia

The Hotel Lutetia, the only palace on the left bank of the River Seine in Paris, is now part of Odentio portfolio. This allows us to offer a luxurious experience in the elegant city of love, in one of the most important hotels of Paris. Here we share the most important facts of the Hotel Lutetia, from The Set Collection


A historic hotel 

The Hotel Lutetia opened in 1910 to accommodate the sophisticated customers of the luxurious Bon Marché department store. The elegant building has gone through different key moments in French history, becoming one of the most iconic hotels in France. 



Its location allows its guests to enjoy one of the most elegant areas of Paris. The Hotel Lutetia is the only grand hotel with the latest in hotel technology and design on the left side of the River Seine (Rive Gauche), right in the heart of St. German-des-Pres. Here you can find some of the most famous museums in France, world-class restaurants, and top designer stores. 


Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Saint Laurent stayed here

Due to its beautiful architecture, the luxury details, and the excellent service, at the time it was the preferred hotel of great personalities like Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Saint Laurent. The Hotel Lutetia has been a space of inspiration for great artists and politicians, functioning as a meeting point to debate and define the ideas of the future. 


The only modern hotel on the left bank

After four years of a complete $234 million dollars renovation and restoration, Hotel Lutetia reopened in 2018, offering a unique stay in Paris, which fuses the latest in hotel technology and design with the beautiful architecture of a palace that transports you to the past.


World-class amenities 

At Hotel Lutetia you can enjoy world-class luxury, from the exquisite menu designed by chef Patrick Charvet at the new Lutetia Brasserie restaurant, passing through the beautiful interiors of the Bar Josephine that will take you to the Belle Epoque of France. And its could unique and luxurious Spa that offers 700 m2, with the latest trends in beauty treatments, physical conditioning, and therapies. 


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