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About, Odentio Consulting



And traditionally, we would have to define ourselves as hospitality consultants, but we are more than that.Our passion has led us to become travelers and not tourists, to be friends of our clients.

We have touched the sea before starting any project on the beach, learned the history and architecture of every city where we put down roots.We like to live and breathe every place, because only that way can we accompany and advise our clients in detail.Our job is to put ourselves in their shoes, just like in those of the guests: our end clients.

Hospitality Strategists



  1. Passion for Hospitality
  2. Businesses with Soul
  3. Friendship and Trust
  4. Designers
  5. Enhanced Profitability
  6. Cooperation, Not Operation
  7. Decision Makers
  8. Total Immersion
  9. Visionaries
  10. More than Allies, Guides
Odentio Method

Be A Traveler, Not A Tourist

Es bueno tener un final de recorrido hacia donde ir, pero es el viaje lo que importa, al final la meta no es tan importante como el proceso.

Ernest Hemingway