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A Transformative Retreat at Pueblo del Sol: Experience by Hannan Zanzuri

By: Hannan Zanzuri / Mar 29, 2024
Pueblo del Sol por Hannan Zanzuri

Recently, I had the privilege of participating in a private retreat at Pueblo del Sol with my closest friends, including Jesús Garduño and Iñaki Rodríguez. I must say, this experience was truly magical. Below, I'll share all the details. 

Arrival at Pueblo del Sol 

Our adventure began in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. We were taken to the mystical lands of Pueblo del Sol in a Polaris 4x4. It was fascinating to see my friends feeling the uncertainty as we ventured into the jungle, where the path became increasingly natural. Slowly, we found ourselves enveloped by the jungle with its green landscapes, aromas, and tropical climate, leaving behind all that city energy and beginning to connect with nature. 

Sleeping in the Jungle 

From our arrival, the check-in process at the estate was exceptionally quick. Subsequently, we were taken to our rooms aboard a Polaris 4x4. Fortunately, I was assigned one of the eco-cabins overlooking the stunning Oaxacan jungle. Every corner of these rooms is carefully decorated, offering exquisite amenities ranging from coffee presses to delicious bath products made with honey cultivated in Pueblo del Sol.