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How outsourced marketing can change your business health

By: Marco Pérez / Jun 30, 2021
Go to the beach once you know what to do to get Back To Business

Let's begin talking about how hotel management in this COVID-19 era has crafted new ways to evolve and adapt to stay profitable. According to Business, Travel and The Future Of Work Summit by Skift, "across all industries, people are looking to digitize and control more with one click. But digital is particularly important for companies thinking about returning to travel".

To talk about Marketing and how Odentio can help increase your hotel's sales by being your outsourced marketing team, you must understand now, whoever is out of the digital world is losing a significant amount of money.


Because being in the digital world does not only mean being in social networks and Google My Business but all this must be supported by a strategy that takes into account your brand identity, as well as your goals, your purpose, and most importantly, your target audience.

Besides that, Rafael Museri, founder and CEO of Selina explained that "people realized that they could close deals remotely, now companies realized they could get things done remotely. There are $100 million and $1 billion transactions that closed without people meeting each other". So our recommendation would be to start investing in digital strategies that will make your brand better known.

Why do hoteliers need outsourced marketing to increase their revenue?

First of all, we have to make a distinction between Odentio, which provides a holistic hotel consulting service, and its Marketing competence.

We are dedicated to boosting the performance of independent and luxury boutique hotels, not only in the way we decide who to collaborate with but also in the substance, as our team benefits from years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Our clients have found added and positive value in outsourcing their marketing efforts for six important reasons.

  1. Increased revenue for your business: Hiring an external team like Odentio helps you save revenue on hiring staff, and all the processes involved in paying for the services of a person under the shadow of your business. Working with us is more cost-effective than hiring a team that has no proven experience in the arena.
  2. Professionals who look after your interests: As our partner, we become your greatest allies, and so we will ensure that your goals (now ours) are met in the best way; the only thing you have to do is share your ideas with us so we can understand how we can make them come to fruition in this digital reality.
  3. Unlimited tools to boost your work capacity: Apart from the fact that we like to have a specialized team, we love to look for new tools and the best technology to offer to our clients. In this digital and changing world, we need interdependence more than ever, and that is why collaboration plays a fundamental role in the development of joint work.
  4. Personalized and realistic strategy: At Odentio we believe that working for the long term is more important than any other approach, because by having a defined purpose you can make flexible moves around it. This helps prevention and planning-oriented approach, not a reaction-oriented approach. This way of working helps us to give you results in real-time and serves as a backup for what we do to help you reach your goals.
  5. We make your brand stand out in the ocean: Agencies do a good job of building a brand, but they forget the most important factor behind designing it for a boutique hotel or any hotel that has the name or concept of "hotel": independence. It is the independence that will highlight your value as a brand, as speaking from your identity to the external world where your potential customers are will make the difference between being a successful business, that thrives on its digital marketing strategy, and not that relies on it for revenue. That is why we focus on delivering your message to your target audience through a newsletter (as an example) because according to Emarketer, "it's the most effective marketing channel for customer retention".
  6. Let's talk about positive growth: At Odentio we surround ourselves with people, companies, and ideas that add value, that's why we not only make our clients feel that we are their allies by delivering results and profit, we also train and dialogue with their staff so that we can be all in a fairly complete synergy channel, where there is a 360 degrees dialogue... We all learn from mistakes and achievements.

As you can see, these are some of the most complex benefits of a holistic consulting service, and they have set the standard for our work with our clients over the years.

To learn more about our work, follow our social networks and our blog, where we offer quality material and answers to the most important questions in hospitality.

We love to learn from experience that is generated between our clients, our collaborators, and the constantly changing interaction with life.

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