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Pueblo del Sol, an Immersive Experience in Nature.

By: Avril Castañeda / Jun 28, 2023
Pueblo del Sol Odentio

It is a pleasure to share that Pueblo del Sol is part of Odentio's hotel portfolio. This project goes beyond mere accommodation, offering a truly immersive experience with nature. Located amidst the beautiful jungle of the Sierra de Oaxaca, just an hour from Puerto Escondido. Since its origins, this project has been committed to environmental conservation and supporting the local community. Learn more about the three main pillars of Pueblo del Sol.

The rooms at Pueblo del Sol have been specially designed to allow guests to experience an intimate connection with nature and the local community. 


These cozy cabins were designed with comfort and privacy in mind, making them ideal for couples. They feature a comfortable bed, a private bathroom, and a relaxing balcony with stunning views of the valley. 

Eco lodges Pueblo del Sol


The three eco rooms that are part of the property are ideal for those traveling with friends, as they feature rooms with both single and double beds. 

Eco rooms Pueblo del Sol


For adventure lovers, Pueblo del Sol offers a unique zipline experience with spectacular views of the jungle. For those who enjoy learning new skills and immersing themselves in the local culture, workshops are available where guests can learn about coffee production, ceramics, honey, and how to make natural skincare products. These activities provide an opportunity to get up close with the conscious and sustainable processes behind each of these products, as well as interact with the local artisans from the community. 

Talleres Pueblo del Sol


Pueblo del Sol also opens its doors to volunteers who seek to contribute to the community through assistance in different areas while staying at the Casa de los Voluntarios, providing a unique opportunity to learn and grow personally while enjoying the natural beauty of the place. 

The objective of Pueblo del Sol is the preservation of the natural environment and local traditions, improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the mountains and promoting fair and responsible trade. 

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