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Study Case: All inclusive hotel in Cancun, Mexico.

By: Avril Castañeda / Oct 25, 2022
Cancun hotel case study

Our case presents the strategy implemented by Odentio in a 500 rooms all-Inclusive Hotel in Cancun's hotel zone. This hotel is positioned as one of the highest occupancy hotels of the year (2022) among world-recognized chains in Cancun's hotel zone

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The concept of all-inclusive hotels has evolved significantly in recent years to better accommodate the continually changing preferences of travelers seeking more personalized and authentic vacation experiences. 

Overall results

  • The initiatives that the Odentio team carried out during these last two years represented the best financial results in the history of our hotel. All four performance metrics have improved. Our ADR is up 18%, RevPAR is up 24%, and occupancy is up 4.18%. 

  • Even though the Cancun hotel is an independent brand, we achieved an important commercial position with its hotel brand in the world of All-Inclusive hotels in Cancun. 

  • The complete implementation of Odentio's commercial strategy helped the hotel to face the COVID19 crisis and to establish new tactics, optimizing resources to obtain better results, managing to stand out from its competitive set. 

To get the results mentioned above, the Odentio team implemented the following actions of the marketing plan that includes the following areas: revenue, sales, marketing, and consulting in hotel operation procedures, which are part of the Odentio premium plan: 

  • We created a dynamic rate revenue strategy.  

  • Creation and implementation of a personalized sales strategy for groups segment.  
  • We implemented a personalized social media strategy to increase engagement with actual and new users.  
  • Odentio created and implemented a marketing strategy to increase the international market segment.  
  • We implemented drastic changes in the hotel operations. 

Revenue Management  strategies 

We trained the revenue team to maximize their income by selling the right room category to the right customer, at the right time, at the right price, in the most productive distribution channel and with the best commission. 


The direct channel (website and reservations) went from 1.5% to 21% of its total income for the year, thanks to the change in the rate strategy which was one of Odentio's main objectives. 


The marketing process is essential to the commercial performance of the hotel. We trained the hotel's marketing team to focus on three primary tasks: acquisition, retention, and development. 


Thanks to excellent brand communication and proper segmentation of digital campaigns, the profile of the United States traveler increased from 23.2% (in 2019) to 55.3% (in 2022). 

In addition, a 26:1 annual return was obtained in digital campaigns, and a 62:1 in travel ads. 


We guided the hotel's sales team in improving the sales process, from evaluating the destination to becoming familiar with a specific market segment and its competition. 


Group and event production had excellent results, growing by up to 700% compared to the previous year. (2020) 

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Odentio Premium Plan  

We maximize your income, taking care of expenses, while improving profits. Our business model is implemented in conjunction with each client's work team to ensure that at the end of the project, its directors and members can follow the plan to achieve the company's objectives. Odentio's main strategy is based on creating measurable results with constant adjustment of actions to improve results. 

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Odentio is a leading luxury hotel consulting group in Mexico with a diverse team of experts in sales, revenue, e-commerce, marketing, digital strategy and hotel operations. We believe that precise and appropriate objectives for your hotel and destination, can only be achieved with a team that is passionate about attention to detail. 

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