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The plan to succeed in hospitality

By: Marco Pérez / Mar 29, 2021
The plan to succeed in hospitality

How to discover a small place located in a town within a big country, to become one of the most luxurious and interesting places? How can you manage to get into the game of hospitality when you only have a limited capacity and a small flow of people?

Is it possible nowadays to grow the sales numbers of a boutique hotel?

The answer is easy, be a boutique hotel managed and consulted by our team of experts.

One of the clients that have been working with Odentio since the end of 2020 - a year that has already changed part of our lives -, accomplished and got back to business in just three months with our support.

In their repertoire, they have two hotels located in one of the smallest and quietest streets of a town in Mexico; one of them offers only four unique rooms, and the other, ten exclusive suites. The design of the hotels, which takes you back to the colonial period has been modernized and contains one of the finest experiences of art, cuisine and fashion.

One thing people wonder about is the revenue that cozy boutique hotels like this generate, and for a fact it will surprise you to know that it has been hard, but not impossible to get amazing pick ups.

February proved to be a difficult month because of the travel dispositions that different countries set because of Covid-19. In result we had to deal with an increasing cancellation percentage. During this period of time, the Average Daily Rate (ADR) for this group grew considerably high. If you didn´t know, ADR is a remarkable index that indicates how much people are paying for a room per day. The ADR of the smallest hotel was above $290 and for the other one $360 dollars. Make the sum.

Odentio´s Plan

Let´s focus on the most important aspects of these successful results, the elements that are behind them.  For example, let´s say that you own a new boutique hotel. You "have" everything in order but as soon as the highest hospitality season go by, you start to have trouble managing your time, your efforts, your money and your staff. You could think that you just need more time to get back on top and get recovered.

Hospitality has had to deal with the Covid-19 crisis for almost a year, and it has created a new way of working because of hygiene protocols implemented to lower the spread. What it´s not  new is that crisis are common and impossible to stop, this is the reason why you need to be prepared with the best tools and know-how.

It could happen that you get better results in the next season, but what if a year after that season, you have the urge to close your business because you lacked of a strategic business plan?

Don´t worry, in the next entry we are going to talk about how Odentio can help you to get your hotel back to business in a successful way.

There is a simple but remarkable difference between doing something good; doing something real good, which will give you nice results to a medium term and doing something excellent, which is what will give you the stability to live for the future but focusing on the present. Aim and think big about the future while achieving excellence with Odentio.

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