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Why Tianguis Turistico is important for your hotel business?

By: Avril Castañeda / Nov 16, 2021
Tianguis Turistico Merida 2021

Today, Nov 16th is the first day of Tianguis Turistico 2021 in the beautiful city of Merida. We are excited to announce that Odentio is attending in the representation of our luxury boutique hotel portfolio, to discuss hospitality needs and how our services can help your hotel business. After many years of attending this event, we understand the importance and how beneficial Tianguis Turistico can be for your hotel business, so today we are sharing a glimpse of the 45th edition of Tianguis Turistico in Merida. 

 What is Tianguis Turistico? 

It is an annual event organized by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico and sponsoring companies. The objective of this event is to meet with national and international tourism exhibitors, hotels, airlines, travel agencies, tour companies, and more, in order to develop new business opportunities. Tianguis Turistico is one of the most important tourism industry events. This year will be the 45th edition, which will take place in Centro de Convenciones Yucatan XXI in Merida from November 16 to 19, 2021. 

According to the magazine Expansion, around 1252 buyers, 814 companies from 41 countries will attend this edition. This event is a huge opportunity to participate in valuable academic forums, learn about different destinations, create excellent business opportunities, and make high-quality alliances. 

"This will be a new edition of the Tianguis, with new needs, new behaviors, new circumstances: A Renaissance of tourism" - Michelle Fridman Hirsch, Secretaria de Fomento Turistico in Yucatan.  

We are proud to share our portfolio of luxury hotels, including boutique hotels and big resorts in high-demand destinations such as Tulum, Cancun, San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Escondido, and Paris:  

  • Chiquitos Hotel & Doce 18 by L'Ôtel Group in San Miguel de Allende 

  • Casona Sforza in Puerto Escondido 

  • Monte Uzulu in Oaxaca

  • Petio 77 in Mexico City

  • Lutetia Hotel in Paris 

  • Kai Tulum in Tulum 

  • Seadust in Cancun 

  • Nuevos proyectos 

  • Hotel CIGNO in Merida 

  • óom Bubble Boutique in Puerto Morelos 

Explore our portfolio here 

Are you going to be part of this historical event in Tourism?  Let us know in the comments!

COVID Restrictions that you need to know: 

  • Use of mandatory face mask  

  • Complete scheme of vaccine or negative test with less than 48 hours before arrival  

  • Food and beverages are not allowed within the facilities  

  • Previous registration on the official website 

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